In-Person Meeting Guideline

All Troop meetings will be held at Wednesday nights at Begonias Park at 7pm unless a change in venue has been preapproved and announced by the Troop leadership. In-person patrol meetings need to be approved in advance by Troop leadership and adhere to these same guidelines.

Bring the following forms (completed, signed, and dated) to the meeting/ activity;

• Troop 303 Activity Declaration Form

• Health Questionnaire

Note: Forms are available on the Troop website and sent via email Be advised: We have a limit of 16 persons in a cohort. Depending on attendance we will break into smaller groups, each with a Safety Monitor. Depending on the size parents and siblings might not be able to attend meetings/activities. This is due to the WLACC’s maximum “cohort/patrol” attendance requirements.

If parents would like to wait during the meeting/activity, they must stay in their cars or check-in and practice safe social distancing in your own cohort.

Please be patient. The check-in procedure will take some time, especially until we all become familiar with the process.

Meeting arrival:

• Please arrive at the designated meeting time. Adhering to drop off and pick up times is important to maintain social distancing, the separation of patrols, and moving through the check -in process quickly and efficiently

• Give your completed, signed, and dated, Troop Declaration and Health Questionnaire form to the Safety Monitor checking you in

• Scouts and attendees will be directed to a waiting area after check in

• Masks will be worn and social distancing, of at least 6 feet, must be followed at all times

• If you arrive late you must wait outside the meeting area and wait to be checked in by the Safety Monitor

If you are an Adult leader participating in the meeting:

• Follow the same procedures and walk to your assigned waiting area after being directed by Safety Monitor

If you are a Safety Monitor:

• You will follow the same procedures listed above.

• You need checked in using the same procedures at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time

During meetings:

• Patrols will hold their meeting in a preassigned location at the park. Patrol members will not be able to roam.

• Patrols will not commingle with other Patrols.

• Sharing of items should be avoided. If sharing is necessary, the item must be disinfected prior to sharing with another Scout/volunteer.

• A Safety Monitor will be assigned to each group.

Meeting departure:

• Parents should park in the parking along the street

• Attendees will be ushered to the parking area by the Safety Monitor

• The Scout will identify his family vehicle to the Safety Monitor, who will then direct the Scout to walk directly to the vehicle (maintaining social distancing), and depart

• Any Scouts waiting for their parent to arrive will be assigned a designated waiting area and will not leave that area until their parent arrives


T303 InPerson Activity Declaration Form_COVID.pdf
T303 Health Questionnaire_COVID.pdf