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Death Valley Trip

October 2021

Troop 303 went to Camp Surf in Imperial Beach from October 22-24. We got there at nighttime and it was very cold. After we unloaded the trucks we went up to our cabins! Yes, there were cabins and each of us had a cozy bunk bed. There was a feeling of being in the ocean with blue walls and fog light for a nightlight. The younger scouts and the older scouts had their separate cabins. I was the cabin leader for the younger scouts (equivalent to SPL). For the two days we were there, we participated in: Surfing, Rock Climbing, Archery, basketball, volleyball and played a bunch of Gaga. I had a blast that weekend! This time our meals came from the dining hall at the campsite, the meals were good: ribs for dinner and really good eggs for breakfast. I had a really exciting time at the YMCA Camp Surf. I hope we can go back next year.


Steckel Park

It took a short 45 minutes to get to Steckel Park, but it was worth it. We unpacked our tents and set them up. We quickly made dinner because time was not on our side. When we woke up we made breakfast and put up the troop gateway. Then we had a spectacular hike. We learned a lot about first aid and how to help scouts if injured on a hike. Before that, we looked at some birds in an aviary. The hike was not long but enjoyable. On the way back we went to the aviary. There was a cockatoo!!! Our Scout Master was interacting with it. After a little while, it gave our Scoutmaster a stick to rub on his neck. Looks like the cockatoo trained him to do that well. L.O.L.

When we got back we learned more first aid. We used ketchup for blood. We all made lunch and ate for about 30 minutes. Then we had a signing party where all of our leaders signed our books for ranks. Scouts and leaders were helping each other learn scouts' skills from starting a fire to knots. One scout was sleeping in his tent when he was not supposed to. We filled up water balloons and when he got out it was a game of goose chase. It didn’t go on for long; he ran the second he saw us. Soo. Ya. Fun. After that, we throw tomahawks. Almost everyone hit the target.

That night the scoutmasters gave us ingredients to make a dish that they would pick to win. The winning team made ramen with salad type of thing with Hawaiian rolls with melted chocolate in the middle with powdered sugar on top. It was fun for everyone. After that, we had a campfire. First, we had a Court of Honor. A lot of scouts received awards from the summer months. Two kids got tenderfoot! After that, we did skits and songs. Everyone had a part in the campfire singer song. It was so funny. Lastly, we retired flags. There was one of them that had 48 stars and was gorgeous. No one wanted to burn it but we had to. We went back to our campsite and went to bed. The next morning we woke up and put our tents away. We had a great time at Steckel Park and we will never forget it!

-CW, Scoutmaster Patrol

Death Valley Trip

January 3 to 6, 2020

During the trip to Death Valley, we hiked about 25 miles over four days and saw so many different parts of nature. We visited salt flats that resembled snow and ice at a glance. We hiked down into a crater one day and to the top of the tallest sand dune the next day. We observed colorful hills, smooth stone, an enormous natural bridge made of rock, and so many more fascinating sights.

Camp Whitsett

July 2019

During the weeklong summer camp, Troop 303 boys learned skills that included camping, wilderness survival, search and rescue, lifesaving, rowing, environmental science, and kayaking. They also enjoyed archery, BB guns, swimming, and hiking.

Camp Round Meadow

March 2019

Hoover Dam

January 2019

The Honor to Retire a Flag

October 30, 2018

The 2018 Webelos camping weekend took place at Steckel Park Camping Ground October 26-28. After an entertaining campfire program, the troop had the privilege to retire some flags. A Garrison flag, which was more than 50 years old with 48 stars, was among the flags was laid to rest. It was a proud and moving moment for our troop.

AOL/Webelos Weekend 2018

October 28, 2018

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

Family Camp 2018: Lake Isabella and the Kern River

August 4, 2018

Troop 303’s 2018 Family Camping Trip to Lake Isabella and tubing on the Kern River was great fun for parents, siblings, and Scouts.

Camp Mataguay: Summer 2018

July 15, 2018

Troop 303’s 2018 Summer Camp was spent at Mataguay.

Mt Pinos


Malibu Creek Mountain Biking